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Textile mats

Car mats for the dimension and universal mats produced for all car models. Full customization and personalization of mats for your needs. High quality and variety of materials will meet the requirements of all customers. Our experienced designers and engineers make products tailored to the prevailing automotive trends that drive us to create products that are tailored to the market in terms of design and color.

PVC mats

Car mats for the dimension and universal mats are produced for selected models of cars. Produced mats also have the ability to be cut to a special size through specially prepared embossing. Thanks to the water-gathering grooves and the high rim, you can easily maintain your car cleanup, and the high quality of the material makes it easy to clean and allows you to use a pressure washer. From the bottom of the mats have anti-slip tabs and special attachments matching the selected models.

Car accessories

We have a wide range of car accessories including:
Luggage accessories: tool bags, PVC mat and textile for luggage compartment.
Travel comfort accessories: Comfort cushion range, seat covers, seat covers, steering wheel covers.
Protective accessories: car body covers, motorbike covers, camping covers, etc.


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